Leaky Homes

Leaky home claims involve a range of complex legal and technical issues.  Therefore, whether you own a leaky home or are involved in a leaky home claim, it is important to engage a lawyer that is experienced in dealing with those issues and who can ensure the appropriate experts are engaged at the right time.

Holland Beckett has acted for owners of leaky homes as well as those who have had claims made against them since the leaky building crises began.  We have been involved in single dwelling claims as well as mixed use multi unit development claims.   As such we are experienced in acting for parties on both sides of the table as well as dealing with the issues that arise when there are numerous parties involved, including Body Corporates.

Regardless as to whether the claim is a small or large one, our view is that money is better spent on fixing the problem rather than on lawyers.  So our aim is to help our clients reach practical solutions and to avoid, as far as possible, expensive litigation.
However, if necessary we are experienced in running and defending claims in both the Tribunal and the Courts.

In addition to bringing and defending leaky home claims, we also provide advice on:

(a) How to avoid buying a leaky home;

(b) What to do if selling a leaky home;

(c) Contracts for builders carrying out repairs to leaky homes;

(d) Settlement agreements.