Sports Law Olympic Selections

Olympic selection represents the pinnacle of many athletes’ career. However, not all of these decisions are clear-cut.

Minimum Wage and Wage Records

All employees must be paid at least the minimum wage for every hour that they work.

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (“the Bill”) comes into force on 1 July 2016 imposing new obligations on residential landlords in relation to insulation.

Commercial Leasing - Standard Forms

Leases are important — they are long-term, binding commitments.

RMA Reforms - easing the resource consent process

Under the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, reforms include over 40 individual proposals aimed at improving the current resource management process. Many of the changes are complex and will be of most interest to those closely involved in RMA processes.

Agreements for sale and purchase: Covering your bases when buying and selling

Buying and selling, in principle, is quite a straightforward matter. However, any transaction still requires individual careful thought.

Resource Management Act Reforms 2015

On 26 November 2015, the Minister for the Environment, Hon Nick Smith introduced to Parliament the second phase of the resource management reforms.

2015 Bay of Plenty Sports Awards

The 47th annual Bay of Plenty Sports Awards will be held on December 4th at the ASB Arena in Mount Maunganui. Holland Beckett Lawyers is delighted to support these awards as the sponsor of the “Sportswoman of the Year” category.

The Tram Lease cases – A salient reminder of an expert witness' obligations

The Environment Court has sent a sharp lesson to expert witnesses (and counsel) about the dangers of failing to comply with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct in two recent decisions.

A New Direction for Environmental Issues

The Minister for the Enviornment, Nick Smith announced last week a new direction for enviornmental issues...