The Kiwifruit Claim – Get on board by 9 October

Wednesday July 15, 2015


Last chance to get on board

Our Kiwifruit grower clients will be aware of “the Kiwifruit Claim” – a class action that has been filed in the Wellington High Court against the Ministry for Primary Industries, claiming that the Ministry (then MAF) was negligent in allowing Psa to enter into New Zealand.  The claim seeks to recover losses suffered by growers, attributable to the effects of Psa.

The Kiwifruit Claim has secured litigation funding and proceedings are under way, but any growers wishing to be parties to the claim will need to be signed up by Friday, 9 October 2015.

You may be eligible to participate in the class action if you were:

  • a kiwifruit grower as at 1 October 2010 subsequently affected by Psa; or
  • a post-harvest operator as at 1 October 2010.

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Holland Beckett has advised clients on the documentation required to sign up to the claim.  If you require independent legal advice on the terms of your participation in the class action and the litigation funding agreement, please contact:

Litigation Partner Mark Beech
Direct Dial (07) 927 2757

Senior Solicitor Frances Meikleham
Direct dial (07) 927 2756