75 Years Celebration Project - Kids Competition Fun Day

Monday September 24, 2012

Another Hobec 75th anniversary community project has been completed.

Commercial Team #2 hosted a function on Sunday with 75 local students and the BOP Steamers.

The kids started their day watching the Steamers train from the stands. They were then given a tour of the changing rooms and ice baths, followed by a demonstration of the video analysis. Afterwards we headed to the shed/gym where the Steamers took the kids through some drills and played some games. Then it was feeding time (those kids can eat!) with a BBQ, lollie scramble and goodie bag to finish.

It was a great event and we have received many thanks from parents and kids. Gate Pa School (who had a whole class attend) made us a poster to say thanks.

Steamers Kids Fun Day

Steamers Kids Fun Day 2

Steamers Kids Fun Day 3

Steamers Kids Fun Day 4

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