Maketu Ongatoro Wetlands Project

Monday September 24, 2012

This project was organised by the Environment and Resource Management Team at Holland Beckett and involved purchasing and planting 430 plants at the award winning Maketu Ongatoro Wetland project.

Julian Fitter, the chairperson of the Maketu Ongatoro Wetlands Society, and Chris Ward from Coast Care were there on the day to organise and educate the volunteers from Holland Beckett. 

"We really appreciate help from commercial organisations  who appreciate the principle of kaitiakitanga, the need to look after our environment. It is not easy for groups from small communities to achieve their objectives without help from organisations like Holland Beckett. Those who enjoy the natural world and its benefits should be prepared to help look after it."
Julian Fitter

 Maketu Ongatoro Wetlands

 Maketu Ongatoro Wetlands