Port of Tauranga Half Ironman

Monday January 10, 2011

Congratulations to Luke, Mark, Tim, Vanessa, Sharline and Wayne.

After months of both teams talking up their chances and over stating the training they were doing, the time to deliver was on Saturday in the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman.

When 7am rolled around Vanessa and Luke took to the water, Luke managed to hold Vanessa off, but only by a couple of minutes (37mins v 40mins). Luke reports "there was one time that I thought I saw Vanessa going past so I had to pick up the pace, but it is hard to recognise anyone among 1500 people in black wetsuits and yellow caps, turned out it was not her but it took me 200m of sprinting next to the person to work that out". 

Then after a slick tag, Mark was off on the bike with Sharline hot on his heals. Mark set a good pace on the first lap to the extent that the Hobec supporters missed him at the turnaround because he came through ahead of schedule. Sharline was looking good when she passed the half way mark. By the end of the bike Mark had built a handy lead. 
Tim had not made it to transition by the time Mark finished, but after hearing his name on the loud speakers he burst from the crowd and set off on the run. With Heather having to pull out just before xmas Wayne had to step up for the ladies team. By the half way mark in the run the heat was starting to take its toll and Wayne was making inroads into Tim's lead. But Tim managed to hold on with the Hobec Hopefuls finishing in 5 hours 18mins and the Hobec Her-icans finishing close behind on 5 hours 26 mins. 

Thanks to all the supporters who turned up on the day.

Hobec Hopefuls - 5 hrs 18 mins 
Boys Team

Hobec Her-icans - 5 hrs 26 mins
Girls Team

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