Senior Solicitor

Jessica Braithwaite

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution  

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  • Email jessica.braithwaite(at)

Jessica joined Holland Beckett’s litigation team in 2017 as a senior solicitor.  Prior to that, she worked at two boutique litigation firms in Auckland and was a judge’s clerk at the Auckland High Court.  She has appeared in the District and High Courts and the Court of Appeal on civil and criminal matters.  She has also appeared in the Cook Islands in the Court of Appeal.
Jessica lived in Tauranga before studying in Wellington, where she graduated from Victoria University with first class honours in Law and an arts degree in Classical Studies and Political Science.
Jessica has published articles in industry publications on public law issues relating to the use of urgency to pass legislation.


LLB (Hons) Victoria University, Wellington
BA (Classical Studies and Political Science) Victoria University, Wellington